Thursday, January 29, 2009


On the phone with my BFF this morning, part of the conversation went a little bit like this..

Her: You need to update your blog.
Me: I know, I know. I just don't have anything interesting to write about.
Her: Just write about what you have been doing that day, your readers would like that.
Me: That is so boring, no one wants to hear about that stuff.

So, as my resolutions are slipping through my fingers at a fast pace, I have heeded her advice so I don't feel like such a failure with keeping my blogging promise. After all, it is still January...I haven't even made it a month.

My Yesterday
Wake up, see we all have something in common.
Go let the darlins' out of their room since I keep them locked in there during the nighttime hours.
My sweet hubby had prepared the coffee, I just had to press the button.
Take the dog out. Feed dog.
Make chocolate milk, an everyday occurence (they're spoiled).
Pass out Pop-Tarts (I'm spoiled...hehe. No, sometimes they do get a nutritious breakfast).
Drink my coffee while checking my e-mail.
Beg the oldest to get dressed, brush her teeth, stuff that I shouldn't have to remind her about.
Make lunches.
Pack bookbags.
Get myself dressed.
Get the lil' darlins dressed without too much of a fight because I told them they could get on the computer if they were nice.
Run up and down the stairs a bunch of times looking for ballet shoes.
Tell them it's time to go 45 times.
Try to get in the car without raising my voice (I'm sure my next door neighbor thinks I'm an evil mom).
Drive the oldest to school.
Drop the lil' ones off.
Drop the cable box off.
Eat a salad because I forgot to eat breakfast.
Go to the gym.
Go to the library.
Pick the lil' darlins +1 up from Playschool.
Manipulate the girls into taking a nap by promising pudding when they wake up.
Laundry, house stuff.
Shower, get dressed.
Girls get up.
Lil Darlin' A has put on a summer dress that she refuses to take off, temper tanture ensues.
The fact that it is cold, rainy and winter does not change her mind, she does not want to wear the same dress she wore to school.
I struggle to change her clothes reminding her of the pudding.
Girls eat pudding (I know, A shouldn't have any, but she DID take a nap)
A spills pudding on her dress and I secretly wonder if it was on purpose.
Change her into another dress, but NOT the summer one.
Get in the car.
Pick oldest up from dance.
Rush to get to church on time for dinner.
Eat dinner with family at church.
Go home.
Give darlins' a bath.
Read them a book, put them to bed.
Check the oldest darlins' homework.
Put on PJs, pour a glass of wine and watch American Idol.
Hubby puts oldest to bed.
Read my book.
Go to sleep.

Wasn't that fun? See I told you it wasn't that exciting..

Friday, January 23, 2009

Nie is Back!

Wonderful news...NieNie is back blogging! Check her out here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Room-Mate Grace

The hubs and I took a quick trip to NYC this past weekend, leaving the day after the USAirways plane landed in the Hudson River. We reasoned that freakish accidents do not typically happen two days in a row, so we went along our merry way. We had a very scary landing in Laguardia and almost thought our freakish accident theory would be debunked, but it all turned out o.k. Although this trip was planned, we left our accomodation details until the last minute. I had been checking daily for hotel deals and finally found the perfect spot a few days before our departure.

I can not say enough great things about our cute little hotel, Room-Mate Grace. With a wonderful location and a great price, it was unbeatable. And we would stay there again in a skinny minute! It was small, sleek, modern and cozy..just the way I like it. This chain of hotels has numerous locations in Europe, so it had a definite European vibe. They even offer breakfast every morning until 12 that consisted of : cereal, yogurt with fresh berries, hard-boiled eggs, pastries, bagels with cream cheese, ham, cheese, fruit, juice and the ever-important cappuccino. They also have an indoor, heated pool with a swim-up bar. It gets pretty lively in the late hours. Our room was small, very small, but it turned out perfect. Each room has a small empty refrigerator that you can stock with items from the kiosk downstairs or from the corner deli. Do I sound like a commercial yet?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hopeful Days

I have gotten chills up and down my spine constantly for the past two days, feeling this pronounced energy within myself and around me in anticipation of Inauguration Day. No matter what vote you cast on Election Day, it is undeniably electric the excitement you see from people all over our country for Barack Obama. I have renewed hope and pride for the United States, not only because of our new President, but because of the response of the people. A job that big could never be done by one person, but with the inspired hope of ALL of us working together anything seems possible.

In light of the holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., it is astounding that his dream has come full circle. In his "Letter From Birmingham Jail", King writes, " some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty." If King were alive, that not too distant tomorrow he spoke of could definitely be witnessed today.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One of my resolutions of 2009 was to buy a lot less. With the state of the economy I feel that everyone should cut back a little. Not only is it the smart thing to do, it feels like the right thing to do. When I came across the word, "recessionista", it made me feel better than being described as frugal or cheap or budget-friendly. It is a bit more savvy. So, currently it is my favorite new word.

So far, so good. I have been making once-weekly trips to the grocery store! To some of my friends that previous sentence is a profound statement. I have been known to go to Harris Teeter several times in one day. That is largely due to poor planning. But with better planning of meals, I am on target and saving much more money with a single trip as opposed to gosh-knows-how-many grocery trips a week. Go me!

With sales galore these days, it has been really hard to say no. It's so enticing when items are 75% off! Then I have that conversation in my head that goes back and forth: "but it's 75% off, that is such a good deal! BUT, do the kids really need more clothes??". So far, the reasonable, recessionista-side has won out. Besides, the more clothes they have, the more laundry I have to do, and the more layers Lil' Darlin B will put on. I confess I did buy two sweaters at Target yesterday for $6.24 each. I really did need them though, its freezing!!

Are you trying to save money this year and want to share some tips with me, bring it on!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Did You Have a Good Weekend?

I hope so. They always go by way too fast. Our weekend was very nice with never a dull moment around the house. The girls keep this place hopping. The twins are 3 and a half now and their personalities are so different. Li'l Darlin A (R) is so laid back and stubborn and has a new found friend. His name is Tree. I never had an imaginary friend as a child, but I find it so interesting how they come about. Tree has green hair like leaves and wears Wall-E crocs, but not on Sundays, he wears nice shoes to church. He looks like the hubby and actually works with him. His hair is green like leaves. We are not to the point where he eats dinner with us and we have to set him a place at the table, but if asked, I would because I think it is so darn cute.

Li'l Darlin B (S) is a dangerous fashionista in the making. We have had to put locks on big sisters closet because she will not stay out. She has even refused to wear certain underwear because they did not match the rest of her outfit. Say a prayer for me, I am in TROUBLE. On Saturday she was either channeling a Panthers Player or the Pillsbury dough boy because she came downstairs almost unable to move her arms because she had layered about 10 shirts. It was like peeling an onion getting those off. I could kick myself for not getting a picture.

Last week while listening to the radio, I heard this quote: "This day will never come again". It helps me get through bad days and encourages me to savor the precious moments with the ones that I love.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday..

Daddy! I imagine he is celebrating his big day in a huge way. Probably eating danishes for breakfast, a corned beef sandwich for lunch sprinkled with a good book, some dancing for good measure and a peek down at his beloved grandgirls. For the first few years, I would celebrate Dad's day by going to his favorite local restaurant and enjoying his favorite sandwich. But, since Dad's taste never favored the healthier side of things, I am going to pass today and enjoy it in spirit. Although my feelings are not as raw, I miss my dad in a way that I never thought possible. Happy Birthday Dad!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Some people hate the word. Others, like myself, look forward to making goals for the coming year. I believe it is important to have something to work towards. So, here is my list..
  • Eat healthier, become more fit
  • Blog regularly
  • Have a summer garden
  • Do not buy things I do not need
  • Be more organized
  • Establish a less stressful morning routine (on school mornings)
  • Write in my graditude journal every day
  • Manage my stress
  • Take the kids camping
  • Conquer my photo editing software
  • Go rafting

Above all, at the end of 2009 I just want to be a slightly better me. I can't expect miracles, but I would like to be in a better place physically and mentally. So, that's what I'm working towards. How about you?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Profound PS22

Thanks to The Li'l Bee, I came across this awesome video of PS22 (a public school) in Staten Island singing Coldplay's 'Viva la Vida'. I had to share it! It is incredible to watch young kids so moved by music. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Friday, January 2, 2009


There are a zillion movies out right now that I want to see. Unfortunately, I don't make it to the movies frequently, but I may have to try extra hard this season. Have you seen anything good that you would recommend? Here is my list of must-sees...

Slumdog Millionaire
Revolutionary Road
Marley and Me
Tale of Despereaux
Wendy and Lucy

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year !!!

I am back!! Did you miss me? The holidays and all that comes with it had me a bit occupied, but with the new year I am recharged! I love new beginnings and the start of 2009 feels really good. A friend's mom spends New Year's Day doing a little bit of everything that is on her resolution list. It symbolizes what the rest of her days of the year will hopefully entail. I have decided to give that a try. So today, as well as posting on my blog, I will exercise, cook a well-balanced meal, organize a spot in my home and spend some quality time with my family. I hope you have a wonderful start to 2009, it is going to be a great year!